Tween Anxiety Revisited

February 16, 2011WiCM Writers’ Group - Writing for Tweens with Debra MoffittThere I was, trapped in a room full of intimidating girls. The covert, giddy looks, the social protocol I couldn’t comprehend, the distinct fear that puberty could hit any second and would be violently instantaneous—it was awful.“Bras, boys, and periods. That’s what this is … Continue reading Tween Anxiety Revisited

The Future is Now…in the basement of the Apple store

February 8, 2011 Talking Tech - Apple Apps Hello hello, This week’s event, Talking Tech: Apple Apps, promised to satisfy my long-held curiosity of the Age of the App,™ a term which may or may not already be coined. If not, I’m calling dibs. If so, just kidding, and please remember that lawsuits often cost … Continue reading The Future is Now…in the basement of the Apple store

Finally, Tights are Cool Again

January 31, 2011 Ice skating at Bryant Park Heya folks, I’ve been looking forward to this one for what feels like an eternity. In my quest for full social acceptance into Women in Childrens’ Media, this was the night when I’d finally make some serious headway. You see, I possess a secret skill. I happen … Continue reading Finally, Tights are Cool Again