Hey! You kids! What in Sam Hill is so gall-durned funny?!

March 23, 2011 Nickelodeon Kaleidoscope: What’s So Funny? The Big Secret, Revealed What do kids find funny? Flatulence, it turns out. This being something I’ve always known, I attended the latest WiCM event hoping to find out what else is funny. “What’s So Funny?” featured the results of Nick Kaleidoscope’s latest findings. Nickelodeon Kaleidoscope conducts… Read More Hey! You kids! What in Sam Hill is so gall-durned funny?!

Jumping Jenny!

April 12, 2011 WiCM Writers’ Group: Ellen Bari’s Jumping Jenny Greetings, WiCM, This week we celebrated the accomplishments of one of our own. WiCM devotee Ellen Bari proved the system works with some great news: she just released Jumping Jenny, her first trade children’s book! And she said owes it ALL, 100%, COMPLETELY to WiCM.… Read More Jumping Jenny!

Electricity and Sugar

March 31, 2011 Chat & Chocolate with The Electric Company’s Karen Fowler AHHHHH!!!! I have so much ENERGY!!!! It’s the Magnolia Bakery’s fault! No, it’s from watching The Electric Company! No, no, it’s all Karen Fowler’s doing! She’s a sparkle-headed Mad Hatter* with energy buzzing from her pores! *Karen used this term. Love it. WiCM… Read More Electricity and Sugar