Writers’ Group: Character Workshop

May 17, 2011 Writer’s Group: Character Study Workshop Ah, the WiCM Writers’ Group series—the monthly salon of the WiCM literati. Every full moon (or so), WiCM members gather to hear an accomplished speaker share insights on a particular aspect of the literary world. Members can then engage the speaker in a post-talk Q&A. It’s a … Continue reading Writers’ Group: Character Workshop

The Business of Play

May 11, 2011 The Business of Play at HIT Entertainment Women in Children’s Media v. Women in Toys Battle Royale There’s nothing like a good brawl to get the dander up. I couldn’t wait for this week’s event, where the famed Women in Children’s Media would finally take on their cross-town rivals, Women in Toys. … Continue reading The Business of Play

10-Minute Abs! (a simple puppet + ensuing laughter)

May 4, 2011 ~10-Minute Puppets~ with Noel MacNeal and Scribble Press Greetings WiCM, When meeting people in an industry as segmented as media, there’s a tendency to label.  This person is a book person—boys, ages 8 to 11. That person is a tv person, development to be precise. That person next to her has a … Continue reading 10-Minute Abs! (a simple puppet + ensuing laughter)