Harry Potter: The Exhibit

August 9, 2011 Harry Potter and the Museum Exhibit with Harry Potter Things In It Times Square. So many muggles. Oy. WiCM provided discount tickets to Times Square's Harry Potter: The Exhibition, a collection of props, costumes, and sets from the movie franchise. For those of you who attended and didn’t remember seeing me, I … Continue reading Harry Potter: The Exhibit

Get Outta My Dreams / And Into the App Store

August 3, 2011 Getting Ideas out of your Head...And Into the App Store ~An Evening with Traci Lawson~ Why, hello WiCM, There’s been plenty of demand for an app development event, and WiCM’s own Traci Lawson, the creator of color-based app Frogs and Fireflies, delivered. Before a very large group (50+ attendees) at Columbia University, … Continue reading Get Outta My Dreams / And Into the App Store