The Story of the WiCM Blog


We’re nearing the dramatic conclusion of the 2011 blog season. In true holiday-special tradition, I present:

~The Story of the WiCM Blog~

Twas the night before Thursday, so Wednesday, I think,
And with WiCM assembled, for candy and drink,
I accepted a challenge I didn’t foresee,
All thanks to WiCM’s president-to-be.

I’d belonged for a year the night of the bash,
And was excited to part with more of my cash.
So impressive were events of twenty ten,
I was brimming with WiCM love by the year’s end.

With affection aided by holiday cheer,
Party hoopla, silly bands, gummies, and beer,
I walked through the party, and whom did I hear,
But Sarah Wallendjack, so I sidled near.

The year had been great, and I wanted more
Workshops and lectures and panels galore.
“I’ll attend them all in 2011,
It’ll be an incredible WiCM-laced heaven.”

It was a small joke, an insincere aim,
A hyperbolic, conversational game,
But the crafty Ms. Sarah considered this claim,
And used it to hatch an idea, just the same.

“Why don’t you do it?” Sarah petitioned.
“Attend every one, make it your mission.
And blog about it, to capture the spirit
Of your great quest, so we can all hear it.”

The booze pushed my choice, I now suspect,
But a blog would be fun, said the President-Elect.
She was right, I thought in the ensuing days,
This idea looked good from every which way.

So one year later I’ve attended all sorts,
Skating and Broadway and sixth grade cohorts,
Transmedia, apps, and the web’s new frontier,
Personal branding to build a career,

Puppets and Muppets, the secrets of laughter,
Writers’ groups, improv, the latest tech chatter,
Toys and cartoons, a doll store and art,
Educational strategies to make kids real smart.

I’ve attended them all—well, all but one,
But one isn’t really that large of a sum,
It’s quite minuscule when you consider how many
Events WiCM offers—that’s plenty plus twenty!

I thank everyone who makes this group run
For giving us lessons, kinship, and fun.
I’m incredibly fortunate to have been a part,
I almost can’t wait for next year to start.

For those new to the group I have some advice,
Meant to persuade, cajole, and entice,
Get involved–dive in–with all deliberate speedia.
Be the best part of Women (and Partners and Professionals and Associates) in Children’s Media.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


4 thoughts on “The Story of the WiCM Blog

  1. Oh, I’ll miss your blog-nastics, Lucas my boy
    They tickle my innards and bring my heart joy,
    Your rhymes are wordtastic,
    Your quick wit supreme,
    We’re so lucky duckie that you’re on our team!

    Taller than tall, with a grin ear to ear,
    You stand out for more than your words (yes, it’s clear),
    So, dive into your Nick shtick, but where e’er you roam,
    Remember that WICM’s your true home!

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