!Your New WiCM Blogger!

WiCM, dear WiCM,

I’m going to blow up the blog!!!!

For one glorious calendar year you have graciously allowed me to believe that I was all you ever needed. I loved being the self-appointed People’s Champion, but what kind of self-appointed People’s Champion would I be if I didn’t listen to the people who didn’t appoint me? The time has come to hand the creative reigns to another.

With plenty of further ado, I shall quote Prince Humperdink:

“My people, a month from now, our county will have its 500th anniversary. On that sundown, I shall marry a lady who was once a commoner like yourselves…but perhaps you will not find her common now. Would you like to meet her?”

Members, Karl, I present to you your new WiCM blogger:

~Melinda LaRose~

Many of us can attest to Melinda’s prodigious talent and uncommonly goofy touch. She’s used her skills to build a storied writing career, formerly at Little Airplane and now on her own. Beyond being the sole person to respond to the Craigslist ad I posted to find the new blogger, Melinda brings several distinctions to the role:

  • Co-winner of the technically noncompetitive scavenger hunt at last year’s Brooklyn Children’s Museum event
  • Had the grapes to update a solid surname to one that makes her sound like a stylish outlaw
  • Has bowled a perfect game, though still sees room for improvement
  • Can eat 50 eggs in one hour, speaks over 7 languages (6 romance, German, a smattering of Icelandic), at any point is more than likely the strongest person in the room (see pic below)

Please give a warm welcome to the new People’s Champion, the artful bandit who’s about to make off with the blog–and our hearts–Melinda LaRose. I think Prince Humperdink said it best:

“My father’s final words were ‘Love her as I loved her and there will be joy.’ I present to you your queen, Queen Melindacup.”

Let’s all warmly welcome WiCM’s new blogger!!!!

Thanks to everyone for making the 2011 blog season so great. I’d like to direct extra special appreciation to:

  • Sarah Wallendjack, who came up with this whole fancypants “blog” idea
  • Michelle Kaskel, whose graphic has consistently been the funniest joke on said blog
  • Joanne Ruelos, who did her best to prevent things from getting too weird, bless her heart

And thanks to you, readers. I’ve had a lot of fun providing you with the occasional shot of nonsense. I’ll still be stopping by here and there with a guest post whenever the blog gets too informative. Until then, I hope to see you all at an upcoming event!

With sincere gratitude,


Take it away, LaRose…

Good writing today, Lucas, sleep well.  I’ll probably kill you in the morning.  

I TRIPLE dog dare you to write an events blog for WiCM.

Yikes.  Hi everyone (shy wave), I guess uh, I’m the new blogger.  Lucas’ shoes are going to be hard to fill (literally and figuratively – I’m only 5’3”) and I think it’s only apropos (that’s right, big words in the blog this year) that I start the blog by giving the loudest shout out ever to Lucas!  He took this position on a punch-fueled dare and did an amazing job keeping us all informed while at the same time keeping us laughing hysterically.  I believe the first words out of my mouth when asked to do the blog were, “Uh, I dunno if I can go to EVERY event.”  Lucas not only went to every event [*former blogger note: every event but one] but he was always eager and excited to be there.  He went to every event [*but one] with panache!  Lucas Mills, I salute you!

What’s in store for us this year, fellow WiCMers (wikkens, WiCMinos?)? We’ve already had a bunch of great events including meeting a genuine superhero, co-viewing at the Joan Ganz Cooney Center and chatting with Elly Kramer and Nancy Kanter, two of the best K-last name ladies in the business.  Stay tuned next week for the first installment!  And Lucas please feel free to come back and guest blog whenever you like.

LaRose. Melinda LaRose.

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  1. Woohoo, Melinda! Small of stature, big of heart! And oh-so-brave to undertake this task! I look forward to your posting with bated breath! As for Lucas on the loose, all I can say is “Watch out world!”

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