Job Hunting with Janice Meisler

This week the ol' blog's happy to introduce a fresh new face.  Who better to review Janice Meisler's job hunting event than an actual person in search of a job?  Hold your applause!  Katie Brookoff has worked in school, camps, and museums teaching kids stained glass, fractions, puppet making, and the hand motions to The … Continue reading Job Hunting with Janice Meisler

Spotlight Interview: Angela Santomero

We are thrilled to have Angela Santomero stop by the CMA blog to share news about her latest project--two pilots she has in development with Amazon Studios: Sara Solves It and Creative Galaxy.  She provides some great tips for content creators wanting to partner  with Amazon and explains why she needs your feedback! What's the secret to getting two pilots … Continue reading Spotlight Interview: Angela Santomero