We’re all In This Together…Media

What better way to kick off the back to school season than with an event about children’s publishing?  The answer is none.  None better way.  CMA got to sit down with Andrea Montalbano, Jason Odell Williams and Carey Albertine - the innovators at In This Together Media, a new company that’s breaking the mold in … Continue reading We’re all In This Together…Media

Crowdfunding 2.0 Indiegogo Event

As you all know I am a Chuck Barris-style spy (I mean with a name like Melinda LaRose, how could I not be) so I am occasionally unable to attend all the wonderful CMA events which is why I rely on the talents of Laurie-Anne Vazquez, guest blogger extraordinaire and talented aspiring kids' writer.  Uh … Continue reading Crowdfunding 2.0 Indiegogo Event