CMA Blog Post: Networking Topics for the CMA Mixer

Hi, everybody!

Eager to catch up with all your CMA buddies at the mixer, but have been too busy this summer to know what to talk about?

Don’t worry! I got you covered.

Here are some ideas for networking topics:

  • The immensely successful “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter Almost $6.5 million dollars were raised by almost 106,000 people, making it the 5th Most Funded Kickstarter Ever… and allowing 13,000 underfunded classrooms to have full access to its awesome app. FOR FREE. What does this mean for other fundraisers? What other properties can apply the lessons of this Kickstarter? Is Levar Burton a Time Lord? Discuss!


Seriously: the man hasn’t aged a day.
  • Mercury Active’s Incredebooks utilize apps, 3D technology, and customized music and sound effects inside a hardcover book to bring us the next wave of augmented e-books. Are they the next big thing? What kind of books does that format work best for? Is this a precursor to the “Star Trek” Holodeck? Discuss!

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 12.07.19 PM

Look at it! That’s TOTALLY the Holodeck.
  • Hasbro teamed up with Shapeways to let its fans 3D print (and sell!) their own My Little Pony designs, continuing their support of the Maker movement and allowing their fans to continue interacting with the brand. What other companies should employ this model? What does this mean for Hasbro? Stroke of genius, or step 1 in world domination? Discuss!

Shapeways MLP

Own your own custom Rainbow Dash! For $65!
  • Canada’s ToonBox studios opened a studio in L.A. due to the success of its debut film The Nut Job. What does this mean for Dreamworks? Will they become the West Coast Blue Sky? The Nut Job made money?? Discuss!


Fact: I don’t know anyone who saw this.
  • Hulu and NCircle inked an exclusive deal allowing US Hulu subscribers be able to watch NCircle content (Word World, anyone?). NCircle will also be releasing new content exclusively to the Hulu platform. Will this become the next Netflix for children’s media? Will this deal begin the downfall of the Amazon Studios project? Discuss!


More Word World = yes, please!
  • DHX Media made its first major step in taking over Family Channel, paving the way for further Canadian takeover of Disney X D and Disney Jr English and French channels. What does that mean for the properties involved? Is this a new trend towards potential monopolies in children’s media? Will Canada finally see new episodes of Teletubbies? Discuss!


Answer: YES. Yes there will be new Teletubbies.

Other Topics:

  • Here’s a tidbit you may have busted out at the last networking event: Grant McCracken’s keynote speech from Kidscreen back in March about how the marathoning trend prompts content makers to create shows that work in that binge format. And buyers are looking to buy it. Will this mean the return of the 5-episode plot arc (ala “Duck Tales”) to kids programming? How can content makers craft a show to have marathoning appeal? Is this whole trend argle bargle or fooferaw? Discuss!
DuckTales_Title_CardAdmit it: you remember their 5-parters WAY better than the bottle episodes.
  • The smiley face logo has his own network A development deal, too, with one animated series already on the way. What logo will be next? Will it play “Happy” 24/7? Does that face have a name? (yes: my friends and I named him Fred back in 7th grade.)


Seriously: this is happening
  • Asylum Studios, makers of the best guilty pleasure junk on the planet, inked a development deal with Ashley Tisdale’s production company, Blondie Girl. Commence the undead “High School Musical” jokes!

blondie girl

I can hear your jokes already
  • What is Nickelodeon doing with “The Legend of Korra”? They’re showing 5 episodes at a time online, exclusively, rather than marathoning them on the network like they did for the Season 3 open. It’s an odd tactic for a show they’re struggling to build a fanbase for. Especially since they’re featuring “Avatar: the Last Airbender” content on the web portal instead of the Korra stuff. What do you think they’re up to?


Come on,  Nick. This show is awesome. Figure it out. Please?