Win Big at the CMA Silent Auction!

You know what’s better than winning something awesome? Winning it without having to do a darn thing.

Well, writing your name down on a piece of paper. But still. Winning!

As you know, we’re getting ready to celebrate our 10th anniversary on Thursday, November 13, and in our never-ending quest to show you how much we love you, we’ve decided to add a silent auction to the proceedings. In addition to the finger foods. And open bar.

Because we love you.

Here’s how it’ll work: we’ll announce our prizes, and setup a bidding table. That table will have sign-up sheets describing each prize in 1-2 sentences as well as its approximate cash value. You put your name, phone number, and bidding amount for each prize you want to win. Our volunteers will collect the sheets toward the end of the evening, review the bidders, and announce the winners.


After banging some gavels, of course

Easy, right? We’ll have volunteers on hand to answer any questions you might have about the process or the prizes, and we’ll have a minimum bid of $20 to keep it accessible to as many folks as possible.

Here are the prizes we’ll offer:

  • A run – or other activity of your choosing – with SVP and PlayVangelist of the PlayCollective, David Kleeman
  • A Skype session with President of Lemonade Consulting, Donna Friedman Meir
  • Career advice over a foot rub and pizza (and maybe a palm reading!) with President of Redhead Consulting, Amy Friedman
  • Lunch and a tour of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts film program (including the state of the art TV studio) with CMA Board Member, Lynne McVeigh
  • A personal branding session over spicy hot chocolate offered by CMA Founder and past President, Livia Beasley

Of course, you’ll only be able to win one of these awesome prizes if you actually go to the event. So get out there and win yourself a palm reading!


This could be you!