You’ve Got Two More Weeks to Win a FREE CMA Membership (by Drawing us a Cover)!

Hey! Remember when we said you could win a FREE One-Year Membership to CMA by drawing us a book cover?

You still can!

Because you lovely, talented people have been sending us such wonderful things (you should be proud of yourselves for being so talented!), we’ve decided to extend our deadline to Monday, December 8!

art contest

This could STILL be you!

Remember, you can create in any medium you like (pens, paint, InDesign, collage, stone, leather, yarn, lemmings – you get the idea). It just needs to fit this description of that book 20 of us are writing. And be awesome. And appeal to 10 year-olds. We just need a JPEG of the final work. Fitting these guidelines:

  • No typography, please. IMAGES ONLY!
  • JPEG file, 72 dpi, at least 500 x 800 megapixels (2000 pixels max). No bigger than 1MB in size, please, or you will murder our inboxes.
  • All entries should be named LAST NAME_FIRST NAME.jpg. That’s how we know you sent it!

The full list of rules is here. Check those before emailing your entry to

Winners will be announced by 11:59 PM December 12, and contacted by CMA to confirm their free one-year membership for 2015.


This could ALSO be you!

Go for it! Unless you’re in the Writers Group.  You folks nudge your illustrator friends to enter. Everyone else, you’ve got an extra 2 ½ weeks to win a FREE CMA Membership.

See how much we love you? Have fun creating!