CMA Published a Book!

Remember that book CMA started writing (and editing) a year ago that we kept promising to update you on? IT’S PUBLISHED! YES, REALLY!


Check out the trailer!
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Want more? Here’s our Amazon blurb (written by our crack marketing team!):

In 1913 Daisy Van Wyck receives a birthday gift from her world-famous magician uncle: a leather-bound journal to fill with her nearly thirteen-year-old hopes and dreams. Using her uncle’s spell-book, Daisy secretly tries to contact her dead mother. But when the spell goes disastrously wrong, Daisy becomes trapped inside the journal, leaving her in a time warp for the next hundred years. The journal takes on a mysterious life of its own when unsuspecting thirteen-year-olds from different eras visit Daisy’s house and write about their own lives. Every journal writer plays a part in piecing together Daisy’s disappearance and discovers something about themselves in the process. Can anyone figure out how to free Daisy? Whether facing a bully, chasing a time-traveling cat, finding a freaky fortune cookie or losing a friend, each writer reveals a unique take on a timeless truth: being thirteen is never easy.
Want even more? The book is on Amazon. Right now. Here:
CMA Amazon Page
And we’re celebrating with a launch party! TONIGHT! Come on out!
In case you can’t tell, we’re kinda proud of this one. Not only is it the first book published by CMA; it’s a passion project. All of us involved in the group found ourselves loving the experience of writing, and found ourselves eager to inspire kids to do the same. Best of all, when we tested the book by reading it to real, actual kids we knew, they responded to it. 
We might have just done it, you guys. And we’re kind of proud of that.
It might inspire kids you know, too. In the very least, we hope it inspires you. Check it out!