PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase: A World View on Kids Media

On August 9th, the Children’s Media Association hosted renowned strategist, analyst, author, speaker, and connector David Kleeman as he presented his favorite submissions from the annual TV festival, PRIX JEUNESSE. The PRIX JEUNESSE is a bi-annual festival where examples of children’s media from all over the world are submitted for proper judging and exposure. The PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase was an all day event where David presented his favorite submissions which he felt would show off the true diversity and intrigue that the festival brings together. David spoke of his admiration for these ambitious and heartfelt projects as both a viewer and an advisor to the festival itself.  

From the exciting spy adventures of a marble from Japan to the hilarious tale of a boy’s handball team to the educational walkthrough of death in nature to the thought provoking journey of a zombie child named Lars, there was a clip for everyone to enjoy. The submissions presented aren’t always well-known in the countries they originated from due to their subject matter potentially being seen as controversial, which makes the PRIX JEUNESSE all the more special as it allows filmmakers to gain global viewership for their work.  As much as we in the audience enjoyed viewing the examples, David was most interested in our reactions and thoughts as he chimed in at half time prompting us to think about the examples in the context of how we as creators can engage young audiences.

As David clarified, variety is paramount at the festival as it allows for creators to get a sampling of how different genres and subject matters relate to the progressing mind of children. The beauty of these examples is in their radical presentations with varied art styles, sounds, humor, and dialogue (or in some cases lack of) coming together in David’s hand-picked list. Whether it was a fictional fear of video game enemies or a very real fear of drowning, all of the submissions rang out with a very human and relatable message.   

Attendees were able to enjoy the presentation, lively atmosphere, networking opportunities, and catering throughout the day. It was a privilege to see all these submissions and experience a change in perspective, and I’m eager to see more. PRIX JEUNESSE is an incredible event, and I wholeheartedly agree with David that anyone looking to truly understand children’s media should make the trip to see what content the world truly has to offer.