Diverse Talent and Professionals in Media

Representation in Children’s Media matters both on the page, screen and stage and in the wide variety of careers and roles it takes to develop and share that creative. As makers, thinkers, and innovators, at CMA we believe that by learning and playing together, we strengthen ourselves, our community, and content for kids. Whether you are a one person show or work for a global multichannel entity we believe that you can make a difference.

Here are some steps you can take:

  • Do a Racial Justice Workplace & Organizational Audit (of both those who work directly for you and those you contract for work). The Audit can examine staff dynamics, hiring and management policies, pay equity, decisions about content and any other aspect of your organization’s operations. It can help your surface—and correct—both formal and informal policies or norms in your organization that are discriminatory or present other barriers to the success of people of color.
  • If you are a production executive or showrunner examine how race and other key issues are represented in the content of your production, or an entire collection of content across a network or studio.
  • Reach beyond your direct circle – CMA is a great starting point to broaden your circle of connections!

Below please find some helpful resources that have been shared by our members to use as you look to hire new talent and employees.

Also join the conversation on diverse hiring practices or ask questions and post open roles with your peers on the Children’s Media Association Members group on Facebook.

Like any library, our collection is never complete – so please send any resources you are using or would like to share, our inbox is always open: info@childrensmediaassociation.org


BIPOC Voiceover Artists created by Edward Hong


List of Black Women in Animation & Cartoons from the Black Animation Network

Women Who Draw an open directory of female* illustrators


People of Color in Audio created by Adizah Eghan, Afi Yellow-DukeZakiya GibbonsAliya Pabani and Phoebe Wang


#drawingwhileBlack Airtable list of over 1000+ people

Blacks Who Design

Women Who Design by Jules Forrest

Latinxs Who Design by Pablo Stanley

28 Days of Black Designers by Tim Hykes

People of Craft by Amélie Lamont & Timothy Goodman

Bay Area Black Designers by Kat Vellos

Revision Path by Maurice Cherry


The JTC List – An extensive, searchable database of women of color who work in the film industry, both in Los Angeles and around the world.


Break the Room

The Vietnamese Writers List


Color of Change #ChangeHollywood Roadmap and Resources


Image Credit: Getty Images via UCLA Anderson

Updated: August 20, 2020