Belief in Our Content: A Path Through YouTube Kids

On July 29th, the Children’s Media Association hosted a packed conversation on how creators can best take advantage of YouTube Kids. Creators such as Lauren Glaubach (YouTube Kids), Meredith Halpern-Ranzer (Tinkercast), and Lucas Field (Giraffe’s Mini-Musical) – plus his buddy Koala – shared their thoughts on the subject. Kristen McGregor acted as the energetic moderator and started us off with two video examples; the first was a snippet from “Two Whats and a Wow” from Tinkercast followed by the musical “Tinkletown” from Koala and Giraffes Mini-Musical. These two VERY different examples proved just how diverse the creative sphere for children’s media and content on YouTube Kids can be.

Kristen led the panelists into a discussion on the effect that the YouTube Kids platform can have on a child’s viewing experience. Lauren spoke on the simple UI, safer filtering, and parental controls that create a smaller sandbox for kids to explore – as opposed to the massive library of the normal YouTube app. Now more than ever, it’s clear that screens are critical for families, and Meredith was quick to jump in on how different types of screen engagement are considered when fulfilling the promise of being there for both play and learning time on devices. Lucas led a motivating section dedicated to staying true to your ideas and learning through the process of production. He reinforced the notion that in order to be successful with your projects, you have to truly care and believe in not just the content but also yourself. The influence of kids content is powerful, and passion behind a project can make all the difference.

The Q&A portion began with some technical questions regarding certain YouTube Kids features like resetting video count, music licensing, and disability inclusion. Lauren explained thoroughly the progression that YouTube Kids has been making towards new features like automatic subtitles for videos, fixes to updating uploaded videos, and clearer AdSense usage. A member also asked for advice on breaking into the industry, and everyone wholeheartedly supported the idea of narrowing down what you want to apply for and reaching out to people through events just like this one!

This community is incredibly kind and supportive, and I hope that new members have the opportunity to join in on events and can really take hold of the resources and contacts that can be made. Meeting more and more amazing people is always a plus in my book!