Third Annual StoryTime: Reflections

CMA’s Third Annual StoryTime took place on Monday, November 18. There was an excited crowd of people present, enjoying the good food, drinks, and company. They also placed final bids on Silent Auction items. As the event began, everyone settled into their seats, eager to hear stories on the theme of reflection!  Read on for … Continue reading Third Annual StoryTime: Reflections

Win Big at the CMA Silent Auction!

As you know, we’re getting ready to celebrate our 10th anniversary on Thursday, November 13, and in our never-ending quest to show you how much we love you, we’ve decided to add a silent auction to the proceedings. In addition to the finger foods. And open bar.

Because we love you.

CMA Event – They Loved Your Pitch! Now What??

Lots of folks dream of having their own show – creating their own property from scratch, selling it to a network or production company, rolling around in piles of money  like Scrooge McDuck. While there are more ways than ever to get original IP  in front of an audience, there are still plenty of hurdles to… … Continue reading CMA Event – They Loved Your Pitch! Now What??