2011 Wrap-up, Part I

Lovely WiCM, meter maaaaaiiiid… Here’s that serial wrap-up I promised. Each of these events certainly deserves its own post…but I sort of ran out of 2011. I’m breaking it up into Part 1 (which will come first) and Part II (which will come second, after Part I). And away we go! Writers’ Group: The Plot … Continue reading 2011 Wrap-up, Part I

Grade “M” Advice with Lisa Graff

August 16, 2011 Stuck in the Middle with Lisa Graff Dear WiCM, Guess what I found? A blog post…from the past. Here’s an excerpt: August 16, 1909 Weblogging is a tough business. When the latest exploits of the Prussian aristocracy find their way through the telegraph wires, it’s difficult to beat the newspapermen to the … Continue reading Grade “M” Advice with Lisa Graff

Writers’ Group: Character Workshop

May 17, 2011 Writer’s Group: Character Study Workshop Ah, the WiCM Writers’ Group series—the monthly salon of the WiCM literati. Every full moon (or so), WiCM members gather to hear an accomplished speaker share insights on a particular aspect of the literary world. Members can then engage the speaker in a post-talk Q&A. It’s a … Continue reading Writers’ Group: Character Workshop

Tween Anxiety Revisited

February 16, 2011WiCM Writers’ Group - Writing for Tweens with Debra MoffittThere I was, trapped in a room full of intimidating girls. The covert, giddy looks, the social protocol I couldn’t comprehend, the distinct fear that puberty could hit any second and would be violently instantaneous—it was awful.“Bras, boys, and periods. That’s what this is … Continue reading Tween Anxiety Revisited