AB-5 Freelancer Law: Five Takeaways

On Wednesday, June 17th the Children’s Media Association hosted an online information session and Q&A with Steven Friedlander and Galen Sallomi from the SV Employment Law Firm. They discussed the AB-5 Law and how it effects employers and employees in the freelance children’s media industry. The pair shared useful and detailed information regarding the law … Continue reading AB-5 Freelancer Law: Five Takeaways

Resources About Racism and Bias for the Children’s Media Community

As makers, thinkers, and innovators, at CMA we believe that by learning and playing together, we strengthen ourselves, our community, and content for kids. Conversation, communication, and dialog is key to this, and we encourage our members to speak out against racism and promote understanding. These resources can be a starting place for our community … Continue reading Resources About Racism and Bias for the Children’s Media Community

Member Spotlight: Adrian Rothschild

 Meet Adrian, a creative producer focused on storytelling through emerging technologies. Adrian currently works at ViacomCBS focusing on the production of apps, prototypes, and experiences using various technologies. Adrian found his way to kids media by way of film school and non-profit work. How did you get interested in children’s media? I went to film … Continue reading Member Spotlight: Adrian Rothschild