Spotlight Interview: Tom Ascheim

Blogger's Note: While we work on rolling out a brand new and improved newsletter, the CMA blog will play host to our "Spotlight Interview". This month we feature Tom Ascheim, Chief Strategy Officer at Sesame Workshop & EVP Sesame Learning.  Tom will be our guest for the Red Chair Series, taking place Thursday, February 28th.  … Continue reading Spotlight Interview: Tom Ascheim

A New Blog and a Fabulous New Guest Blogger

I'm pleased to present the first guest blogger of my blogging administration.  Or perhaps I should say Vice-Blogger.  I told you all up front that there was no way I could go to EVERY event so like all good leaders in the blogosphere, I have put together a trustworthy cabinet of children's media veterans to … Continue reading A New Blog and a Fabulous New Guest Blogger

Saving the World with Erica Branch-Ridley

For the second writers workshop of the new year we sat down with Erica Branch-Ridley, the Assistant Vice President for Platform Innovations at Sesame Workshop.  Sound fancy?  Is fancy.  Erica got her start as a musical theatre major. She worked on 48 Hours (the news show not the Murphy/Nolte powerhouse movie) as Dan Rather’s assistant, … Continue reading Saving the World with Erica Branch-Ridley