2011 Wrap-up, Part I

Lovely WiCM, meter maaaaaiiiid… Here’s that serial wrap-up I promised. Each of these events certainly deserves its own post…but I sort of ran out of 2011. I’m breaking it up into Part 1 (which will come first) and Part II (which will come second, after Part I). And away we go! Writers’ Group: The Plot … Continue reading 2011 Wrap-up, Part I

WiCM Meets The Muppets

October 14, 2011 Jim Henson’s Fantastic World at the Museum of the Moving Image This week's event took WiCM members to Astoria, Queens, to visit to the Museum of the Moving Image’s Jim Henson exhibit. With its presentation of the man’s ads, short films, character designs, doodles, films, and actual Muppets, the exhibit displays the … Continue reading WiCM Meets The Muppets

The Story of the WiCM Blog

WiCM, We're nearing the dramatic conclusion of the 2011 blog season. In true holiday-special tradition, I present: ~The Story of the WiCM Blog~ Twas the night before Thursday, so Wednesday, I think, And with WiCM assembled, for candy and drink, I accepted a challenge I didn't foresee, All thanks to WiCM's president-to-be. I'd belonged for … Continue reading The Story of the WiCM Blog