!Your New WiCM Blogger!

WiCM, dear WiCM, For one glorious calendar year you have graciously allowed me to believe that I was all you ever needed. I loved being the self-appointed People’s Champion, but what kind of self-appointed People’s Champion would I be if I didn’t listen to the people who didn’t appoint me? The time has come to … Continue reading !Your New WiCM Blogger!

2011 Wrap-up, Part I

Lovely WiCM, meter maaaaaiiiid… Here’s that serial wrap-up I promised. Each of these events certainly deserves its own post…but I sort of ran out of 2011. I’m breaking it up into Part 1 (which will come first) and Part II (which will come second, after Part I). And away we go! Writers’ Group: The Plot … Continue reading 2011 Wrap-up, Part I